Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kent Hance Hires Alberto Gonzales Fires Mike Leach

Kent has spent to much time in Austin or maybe he is bucking for a job at ESPN. I spoke with my tile man who had been working that day, he asked me what did they get him on, tourcher? With ESPN taking up for the rich kid and painting a pictue of electrical closets, I thought Karl Rowe must be directing this propaganda. Then it hit me, Hance already has one on the king pins on staff. Who needs Karl when you got Alberto. For more:

His Biggest Mistake Was Winning!

Down here in Texas nobody messes with Texas University for very long. Some who do, go away quietly as the Hogs did. Others who build there programs up enough to be competitive with the University find themselves in trouble with the NCAA, ie. SMU, TCU and the University of Houston. If a competitive University has influence, Coaching problems may arise as it did over the years at A&M. If you recall some strange things happened dating back to Bear and Jackie Sherrill. Not to mention that craziness that went on with Francione. Remember he left the mighty University of Alabama in the middle of the night to go and wreck the wrecking crew at A&M. Maybe if he was influenced by a third party it would explain why he did not have the courage to say good bye to his Tide. If you are not at least staring to wonder that something maybe going on behind the scene, I ask you. Who in their right mind would turn the Burnet kid who was like a Pro pocket passer in high school into a running option Quarterback in college as did Fran.
Now comes Texas Tech and Mike Leach, as they move the ball rather freely against Texas and rise up and trounce Oklahoma in 09.When I heard the word that Tech’s Mike Leach was suspended for the Alamo Bowl game I thought it was a misprint. Then when I heard it was true and it involved the James family. Well, it’s just a rich white boy, son of a ESPN announcer who wasn’t getting enough catches. All year I wondered why they weren’t throwing to Craig’s boy more. Maybe looking back they should have. If the James’s were a bit disgruntled that might have opened the trap door for this coup.
My thoughts were enhanced by a call from Bristol, the headquarters of ESPN. It was during the Texas vs. Oklahoma State game. The TV announcers were order to stop questioning the official’s calls. Well in case you don’t know, before the game got out of reach for the Cowboys, all the call were going for the Horns. So what they really meant was don’t blow the cover. So when I explain that what is going on down here in Texas, is more that just home cooking, I am not just whistling Dixie.
PS. If there is a Bristol Texas, I am not talking about it. The call came from Bristol, Connecticut. That’s not only north of the Red River it’s north of the Mason-Dixon line. More:

Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 The Great White Hope Season?

Most unbiased fans are aware the the Tech/Texas game was a little funky to say the least. Another helmet to helmet non call ie. Graham Harrell, 2007 game; see older blog "Gotta you Ump". Money calls (game changing calls) going for UT. In a nut shell, I think the powers at be did not want to see Tech or anyone else for the matter knock Texas out the the BCS Championship game. So, lets move Tech up to the third game since they are breaking in a new QB, Taylor Potts, tellem its for TV. Then if Tech does start to move the ball on the opening drive, which they did, let lose with the laundry, which they did. If a 104,000 fans can't throw Potts and the Red Raiders off on the opening drive one or two or three of Randy's crew who slipped in under another head can. I am not going to go on if you saw the game on National TV you know what I am talking about.

You look at some of the other regular season games and you will see a lopsided scores and many of you will go brain dead. I will only say if the refs call enough money calls against you, taking away your momentum the roof will fall in on you and you will lose.

Well this brings to the big twelve or big eight plus four (until the old SWC schools start wrestling) its not really that big. At the end or apparent end maybe there was a fraction of a second left on the clock(.399). I just don't recall a football game being over and someone puts a clock on the TV screen which we have never seen before and declares it's not really over. Regardless of that strange ending the fact of the matter is the game was decided on a pass interference call that gave UT a touch and opportunity for a kick to decide the game. If you saw the movie the Great White Hope his handlers told him he had to take a dive in the championship fight. He protested only to find out that most of his fights had been fixed. Well If Texas can hold there own against Bama, them OK maybe I am wrong about this 09 season.
Oh! PS. on spell check the computer did not recognize SWC it suggested SEC. Did not the SEC throw out or sanction a crew not long ago?
Oh No! go to:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Max Brown Unsportsmanlike Conduct

When Max Brown slipped Colt McCoy passed officials and infected Taylor Potts and the Texas Tech Red Raiders did he violated proper Sportsmanship? Most Raider fans say yes. It is not known just now many Red Raiders were sicken before the game Saturday with the Houston Cougars. Potts was caught on camera suffering from the early stages of the disease with sinus congestion.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best helmet to Helmet Video

Well kids in case you wonder what the whole wide world saw. Here it is. Coach Leach was right to go along with moving the game up for TV. Everyone not wearing orange blinders saw the flag, the Red Raiders getting the ball back, and going on to score and win. This plus all of the money calls against Tech, Coach didn't have to say a word.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ear Holed in 09

Dear Ms. Halliburton thank you for covering for me. I wish we could go back and review the helmet to helmet hit by Kindle on Potts with the score 24-17 with just under 12 minutes to play, as you described it. The problem is DVR and TEVO. Not the Florida player but the recording feature on most TV’s now a days. If I thought you could change the replay to show as you put it , “Kindle hit Potts chest high. The hit was so emphatic that Potts’ helmet flew backward.”, I would. But as the replay shows he ear holed him. I wanted to throw the flag but it would have given Tech the ball first and ten with fifteen yards tacked on. The National Championship trophy was sitting on the line lines and it would have been long gone if those cotton picking Red Raiders would have gone on to score and tie the score. I could not have been responsible for the Longhorns being upset again this year. The Raiders had too much momentum going to throw a flag. Yes I know we could have picked it up later like we did last year on the block in the back violation, but believe me that would not have looked good. On top of that I did not know if Potts would recover from the collision. When the contact was made I heard something crack. I was afraid it was his neck.
Sorry to the Red Raiders and the Potts family but another factor I had to consider, the crowd was roaring. Finally the highly touted Kindle had made a big hit. If I had of throw the flag he would have gone from hero to goat. So lets go on and rope us another National Championship. Oh! I just woke up. I wasn't officiating last night.Tk

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sorry people but I don't think you can omit this bible verse. It's the second reading from James 2:14-18. Just call me the old bubble burster. Click on and above attachment then scroll down to read the what should be good news to some.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Strength in Numbers/False Accusation

Now, I must defend myself. There is an enemy comb ant builder in the hood who knows a Realtor that said I came to my front and opened the door naked. They have turned me into the Will Ferrell, in Old School, of The Canyons of Cardinal Hills. Here is what really happened. It was either the first or second night in my new home on Nightingale that the loud cathedral sounding door bell went off around one AM. After all the stress of moving Ann and I were both in a deep sleep. I thought the door bell was malfunctioning and rolled over. But Ann, came down the stairs and said someone was at the door. Being the man of the house who sometimes wears the paints I got up and went to the door. It was dark and foggy and kinda scary. We have three quarter glass double arched doors. Like I stated your honor we had just moved and I did not have blinds or curtains up and I might add this was my first time to have so much glass in my front doors. Well being a old Hippie from the Marshall Ford area I sometimes forget to put on my pj's. Fate would have it that this was one of those nights. If I had unpacked my robe I would have put it on, I am not particularly proud of my shinny white leggs and I still did not believe anyone was really at the door. So I approached with caution, looked through both the side windows and did not see a car. Thinking I was correct I advanced to my new front door almost sleep walking. I stopped short of the double doors at an angle so I could peer around and through the beveled glass. Hunched over at the opposite angle from me was the figure of a woman. Being one or two in the morning I though it must be June King and she is out of sugar. I rubbed my eyes and realized it was not her. For a moment I became frighten for the figure of the woman seemed to look strange in the fog. Then boldly with my most manly voice I ask though the glass in the dark. Dark because I never turn on interior lights to give someone a illuminated shot at me. Because the stranger was at an opposite angle from me and not centered on the opening I was spotted. My impulse was to not duck and hide so I stood firm or somewhat firm, remember it was the middle of the night and I am not dead yet.I asked what is up and the woman informed me the the light on the septic of my sepc house around the corner was on. I thanked her and went back to bed.
The next evening the lady and this time her husband reappeared at the glass doors. It wasn't so late so I was fully clothed. I sensed domestic unrest so I let Ann handled it. The conversation went on for some time on the poach so I finally stepped out like a big boy and told them both that I was very sorry that I came to the door naked and that it would not happen again. I warmly invited them in and we all made friends.We are still friendly to this day.
So I did not open my door naked to a woman as was gossiped to my architect, Ray Brown, by a lady Realtor who must be in the camp of some other builder. Click on toon to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We are all Catholics!

To a matter of degree all Christians have some Roman Catholic in them. Now my mother Mamie Dickson later Mamie Keeton had more than her fair share of Catholicism. She grew up a Presbyterian. Now I know the Presbyterians are first cousins to Catholics but check out these writings of my Mother. These were written by her long before she converted to the Catholic church. Tell me they don't sound Catholic. Click on the old type written pages to enlarge.
Speaking of Mothers to the bottom left of the First Mass is a tribute to mothers everywhere:

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Greatest Football Player to ever throw a football

  1. Trooper Keeton on May 25th, 2009 6:48 pm

    Ok, I will step up to the line of scrimmage and tell you kids a little something about the late, great Johnny Unitas. It was the early 70’s when the AFL first started playing the Nfl. It was in the Astrodome the AFL Oilers were leading the NFL Colts by 20 points with about 7 mins left to play when the legend finally stepped on to the Astro truff. My heart skipped a beat or ten. All my life from a far I had read and heard about Johnny. Houston was a long way from Baltimore and the Nfl. We wanted so much to win the game because it was the AFL vs. the Nfl. Never had I wanted more for the Houston Oilers to win a game. I thought we can hold them off there is only seven mins. left, Johnny U. is old and we are young. One could not help but enjoy to see this man play. First, I noticed he seemed to be calling his own plays. He was everything I had hear as he worked the field. He worked it like no one I had ever seen including George Blanda. The short game was eating up the astro truff like alien termites. It seemed as though he directed one drive for a TD before the kids even knew who he was. Then I started to notice this smallish QB had a big accurate arm. I can remember the dirt flying up in the infield from his recievers cheats as his reciever pulled in a perfect long pass of about 65 yards in the air. That reciever was the player who had one leg shorter than the other. Can’t remember his name might have been Gallimore. Well seemed that before the dust had settled in the infield, Johnny and his Colts had scored two more touchdowns in slightly less that the aloted seven mins. We upstart AFL fans were so broken. But looking back I would not have wanted it any other way. For until the day I can see Johnny again I will always remember him for what he was, the greatest football player to throw a pass.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's up with this?

Kennedy - Lincoln.pdf

God Bless Pepper Gomez

May 6, 2004

Pepper Gomez dies
By GREG OLIVER -- Co-Producer, SLAM! Wrestling

Pepper Gomez

Pepper Gomez, who was known as "The Man with the Cast Iron Stomach" and was a major star in California and Texas, was taken off life support on Wednesday night.

Gomez had the the first of two emergency surgeries in early April, and was unconscious since the second surgery on April 16.

Paul Gomez, the 1949 Mr. California as a bodybuilder, debuted as a pro wrestler in January 1953 after training under Mexican wrestling legend Miguel "Blackie" Guzman. However, he blew out his knee during his first match, which was in El Paso, Texas.

Dubbed Pepper Gomez, he would become a huge star in Texas and California, and wrestle many places across North America as well.

Gomez held the Texas heavyweight title 12 different times from 1955 to 1963. He was also the AWA U.S. champion, the WWA heavyweight champ, and the NWA Pacific Coast Junior heavyweight champion.

The title "The Man with the Cast Iron Stomach" wasn't just a gimmick.

Hotmail® has ever-growing storage! Don’t worry about storage limits. Check it out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My on the field experience with Mean Joe Green

One Response to “Heart of a Champion: The 40 Toughest Players in NFL History”

  1. Trooper Keeton on April 1st, 2009 10:02 pm

    My freshman year at Texas Tech we played North Texas. Joe Green was a linebacker. It was 1965 and there was not a lot of black players outside of the traditional black Universities. So in a way it was to be expected that someone on our all white team would challenge Joe. Sure enough I recall Eddie Windom proclaiming that he was going to take him out on the next up and coming kick off. I remember wondering if he was really capable of preforming such a task. So those of us not on the kick off team watched like curious cats. Windom did have an uncanny ability to hit low. The problem was to our amazement that Joe, did too. Eddie charged ferociously down the field straight at Joe. Eddy was fast and came in about two feet off the ground just below the knees. I will never forget the collision. It looked like our West Texas boy was going to show him. But guess what, as I mentioned Joe was playing middle linebacker and he apparently knew how to wart off submariners. I, and I bet Eddy too never saw a big man go so low. Joe’s forearm and a little of his shoulder met Eddy’ s head at the point of attack. It looked like some one stopped the film on Eddy and let it run on Joe. Eddy slumped to the ground, as soon to be, Mean Joe Green went on his merry way. Eddy had a warn welcome when he returned to the sidelines looking a little groggy. Some one informed our boy that he really showed him, the guy in green. To this day I am not sure if Eddy thinks that he did take him out.

Got something to say?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just what is Pentecost

Click on the documents to the right and read what the Catholic Church professes about Pentecost.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trooper Keeton takes you inside the Yogurt Shop Murders!

I doubt few outside of a participant of the actual crime knows more about this murder that yours truly. Having followed this horrible crime through the papers, lectured by Eric Moebius, having attended the trials and interviewing some of the expert witness, all this puts me at the head of the line. On top of that I have a criminal mind, which I do not use to an unholy advantage. Last but not least the Lord gave more than my share of, power of reasoning. This last mentioned advantage is the main reason, an F student such as I, out of high school I was able to graduate from Texas Tech with a degree in Marketing.Mentioned first was Moebius. He proclaims it as a site specific murder. You can search Erik Moebius/Yogurt Shop Murders, and I suggest you do it on for your own security. I will let you be your own judge on all that. However, I will mention when it came time to follow the money on the insurance claims, the boys were picked up after nine years of haggling and charged with murder. That was just weeks before the civil trail in San Antonio was about to begin. So if there was or is any connection it was very convenient for many of the would be witness could now remain silent because a criminal trail has jurisdiction over a civil trial.Let's put all that aside and look at the first trials and non trials. This is where I have the advantage on Moebius. He was run out of Texas for his theory on all this (part of a plea bargain). Ok I am not an attorney like Erik, so if you think only an attorney has a brain then log off now. One of the key things I noticed was that Maurice, who was the leader of the three other boys gave information that first led to Springsteen’s conviction. Then Springsteen’s words led to Mike’s conviction. Now mind you none of the boys were brought before one another in there different trials. I was wondering about the privilege of cross examination. I pondered that something was wrong right here in river city. Then low and behold before the dust had settled the prosecution let Maurice go. After that I thought that with all those cards from the house that was being constructed, laying on the floor of the Travis County Court House they would let the boys go. Especially, in light of what else when on.You wonder what else? Good that means you are not mere furniture living in this gasoline world. The biggest quirk was the evidence regarding the fire. For nine years the fire marshal and everyone else believed that the fire started in the corner of the back room by the cleaning materials. Well during the interrogation of one of the boys he claimed the fire was started in the center of the room where the bodies where stacked. So after nine years the site of the fire was moved. Well that was OK until the expert witness on fire gave his testimony. In which he said it was impossible. In the corner where the materials stored could result in a fire strong enough to melt the metal rafters. A fire against a wall burns hotter than in the open and a fire in a corner burns even hotter. The expert whom I interviewed in the hall said that it would take at least three cubic yards of solid fuel to produce that kind of heat in the center of the room over moist human bodies. So, it appeared to me that the evidence was changed to fit an unscientific statement made by a young boy.Another thing that was interesting was the expert for why people confess to crimes they did not commit. He started off with the regular generic rhetoric and the prosecution started getting nervous. The Judge had the jury withdraw. He was told that maybe he could go on but do not refer to his studies as this case. The jury came back and he continued on. But because this case was so similar to his studies the judge and prosecution kicked him off the stand. As he left the court room I followed him down the hall. I asked him if anything like that had ever happened to him before. He said no in all his years of testifying he had never been told to leave the court room. He said that there had been times when the powers at be had really wanted a conviction and that they had almost kick him out. But never until now had that happen to him. Now mind you the two experts that I am referring to where both top draw. In fact I have seen them both on national TV programs as featured quests. Now the latest issue we have is newly discovered DNA evidence. All through this first round of trial they said the only DNA was some sperm found in one of the twin girls. It was from a young man who was having an affair with one of the twins. He was a clean cut white boy who said he had slept through it all. The young man said he was real tired the night of the murders and went to sleep early. He like Rodney Reed now on death row for the murder of a police officer’s finance, was reluctant to admit to his sperm in the girl’s dead body. In fact the boy friend did not know anything until the step father of the twins woke him up at 4 or 5 the next morning to inform him his girl friend was dead. So anyway now after all that, someone has come up with more DNA, I think it is sperm. It does not match any of the defendants. So since the kid in the car from Lockhart was never charged and Maurice the ring leader has been let go. I say drop the charges on Springsteen and Mike and let us get back to following the money.Well if you have read all this you may be ready for the advanced study: go to

Let's Fly to Cuba

For the life of me I cannot comprehend how stupid people are over this Guantanamo thing. Some two hundred and fifty fellows and we are afraid as squirrels. I want them tried and the innocent set free anywhere they want to go. That includes next door to me. As a Christian I feel indebted to them for the fact that our government held them for so long. I have heard that some were turned in as bounty by the Taliban. It is often referenced that many others were picked up off the battlefield, since when is it a unforgiving crime to fight for ones country. Were we so afraid of the Japanese and Germans prisoners after WWII? They were Hell bent on there cause and we had no problem letting them go. Well I guess you could argue that this is the never ending war on terror. If we don't start treating the rest of the world as fellow children of God, this terror war may never end. Now as for the really bad guys who cannot just yet get over it, they could be held in the max security prisons in this country. As for the request of 80 million dollars by my man Obama, I believe that was the real stumbling block. We fiscal conservatives had a problem with that. So why not take some of that money and convert the camp into a low budget retreat and nature park, if Cuba would consider burying the hatchet. Maybe that would help to patch things up down there. I am not quite old enough to have flown to Cuba and partied like they did in the 50's but I sure hope someday I will have that opportunity.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trooper Keeton Card?

Click on image to enlarge!
The quiz on the Trooper Keeton card asks why at the conclusion of the card quiz (see first slide on the home page). The first edition did not have the quiz with the answers on the back and most people did not get it. So being the customer oriented business man that I am I added the quiz. Now why? This card helps to develop the organ of a real Trooper not simply a DPS Trooper. The card proves that the US Horse Cavalry did serve in the European theater. My father Trooper Grover Keeton took his picture as his detached regiment of the 124 cav was heading North to assist the sixth army fighting in the Mountains in Italy (Dad could not recall for sure if It was the sixth, if someones knows otherwise please contact me) . WWII was pre helicopter so the mules were the best method to bring supplies in. My father did not talk awhole lot about the war and went I asked him if they brought any back after delivering the supplies he gave me a solemn look and said yes. Seven bodies to a mule. With insight like that, may be why I did not sign my letter of intent after my sophomore in ROTC. Vietnam was raging and when I found out the causality for a Second Lt. was higher than a buck private I was not so motivated. On a lighter side I found it interesting that most all of the Troopers where black men. This may be one reason I got along with the bros on the football teams.Now about those two gentlemen pictured on the left of the picture. For a time I thought they were Nazis posing as gay guys to slip past the conquering Americans. The fellow on the far left is dressed like a Priest with his arm around his puff. The puff has this left hand in his pants. Then one day I thought, dead or alive they might not want to be labeled gay. So maybe they are just a couple, happy and gay that the US Cavalry has come to the rescue.

The Builder Knows Best

Trooper comes from a long line of builders!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes Virigina torture is bad!

Some of the torture pictures have slipped out. I cannot bring my self to post them but if you think they are not so bad go to:
Here is one for the water boarders:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kudos for Trooper and Mike Leach

# Trooper Keeton class of 69 on March 3rd, 2009 2:39 pm

Well I did not get a call from Mike Leach thanking me for my advice on how to handle the contract dispute, but he sure acted like he followed my advice. My advice followed an old real estate adage; “If you have a willing seller and a willing buyer the the worst agent cannot kill the deal.” And I am not saying the Mikes agents are not good. I am sure they did a lot of blocking in the trenches. It was just time for Mike to take matters into his own hands.That having been said, I am dedicating the next two years to Burl Huffman. I will never forget the first gather up after freshman practice in the fall of 65 and Burl talking about bring a National Championship to Texas Tech. I don't know about the rest of the team, but just out of high school I knew nothing above state champs. Even back then we beat Texas two of my three would have been varsity years, not to mention 67,”The Year of the Horns” , when we beat them the second game of the year. Kids at that time I did not see it, but by golly he was on target. We now beat A&M, we occasionally beat Oklahoma and UT. Why not be national champs! Especially in 2010.

Monday, February 16, 2009


  1. Trooper Keeton class of 69 on Your comment is awaiting moderation. February 16th, 2009 5:45 pm

    Well I actually checked in to talk about the moving of the Tech /Texas 09 football game.So first let me answer all this misdirection. We are experiencing the Peter Principle (it's where you want to be and then you blow it). Kids, its all about the money we don’t have and the money that UT doesn’t want to lose. Look ! Leach is on a National level and we the Red Raiders are almost there. The reason Myers and Hance are acting the way they are is because we don’t have the money Mike might bring. And until Mike quits showing his hand to Stoops, learns to change his signals and snooker his master, he is not going to get the really big money.So please everybody get off there high horses and settle.
    Now for the solution. With the 2009 Tech/Texas game set for National TV the whole world will be watching. UT will not be able to count on the officiating to win the game for them after so many witnessing the two previous match ups. To be continued

Passing the Torch

  1. Trooper Keeton class of 69 on Your comment is awaiting moderation. February 16th, 2009 6:10 pm

    Mike or the higher ups moved the game for the money or they decided to roll the dice and not wait for 2010. Last year we ruined the Longhorns season just like 1967. But this time with all the big BCS money it hurt even worse. So if we can get back to business, get Taylor ready, get the linebackers making there drops when McCoy makes his and have them stay on their toes so they can come up and get him if he takes off. Here are the stakes and they are alot higher for Ut. The country sees us at a level near the mighty Longhorns. If we go in there with a rookie Qb and beat them with their Pistola McCoy we will surpass them for the first time like Virgina Tech has surpassed Virgina. If we don’t then there will be 2010. If we beat them and OU in 2010 we will be the top college football team in Texas. So please Mike without showing it, take the negotiations into your own hands and go with your gut. For more go to the football player section at

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bragging Disclaimer

Some who have dared to venture to have come to wonder just how big an ego Trooper has. Well I guess it's big enough for me to sometimes write about myself in the third person. But kids, a writer has to have a healthy ego to sit down and write whatever comes from their mind. is out there to attract a buyer for a Keeton home or provide services in the real estate field. However, it is also about just plain old fashion fun, especially the football player section. Now that's the section I really wanted to comment on. I am not trying to brag as much as to relate to the average Joe or Joan. I did not play a down of varsity ball at Tech so I can't expect to blow my Gabriel horn too loud. That whole business is to provide memories that we can ponder. Now, later in life where I persevered to make a minor league football team with very few credentials, now that's a different story. Go Seagulls.
Now as pictured above at the ball game its nothing but shameless self promotion!
St. Paul may have said it best; "Whoever had much did not have more,
and whoever had little did not have less".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Vatican vs the Nazis

I hear from time to time that the Vatican was on vacation during WWII and did not do enough to stop Hitler. They did and do have the Swiss guard armed with spears. They could have held them off about as long as the horse cavalry of the Polish army did. In case a similar situation arises again I suggest the Vatican adopts an Air Force.

For reallity click on the printed images to enlarge and read

Sunday, February 1, 2009

St. Paul the Teacher

St. Paul is recognized as the greatest Christian Saint. I just came to realize that he was and is a great u niter. If one is Christian, his life is easily accepted because he converted to Christianity from Judaism. Also, if you are a good Jew you probably really don't want to kill Christians as Paul did early on as a Roman soldier. So the Jews can think favorably of him even those he jumped ships. Most folks of the Jewish faith like and respect Jesus of Nazareth. They just don't think he is the messiah. So if Paul did stray by becoming a Christian all can rest assured that he came from good stock. With this being said I would like people of all faiths and non faiths to check out St. Paul. I found a little book called the meditations of St. Paul. It is as good as any of the new age self help books.