Monday, July 13, 2009

Strength in Numbers/False Accusation

Now, I must defend myself. There is an enemy comb ant builder in the hood who knows a Realtor that said I came to my front and opened the door naked. They have turned me into the Will Ferrell, in Old School, of The Canyons of Cardinal Hills. Here is what really happened. It was either the first or second night in my new home on Nightingale that the loud cathedral sounding door bell went off around one AM. After all the stress of moving Ann and I were both in a deep sleep. I thought the door bell was malfunctioning and rolled over. But Ann, came down the stairs and said someone was at the door. Being the man of the house who sometimes wears the paints I got up and went to the door. It was dark and foggy and kinda scary. We have three quarter glass double arched doors. Like I stated your honor we had just moved and I did not have blinds or curtains up and I might add this was my first time to have so much glass in my front doors. Well being a old Hippie from the Marshall Ford area I sometimes forget to put on my pj's. Fate would have it that this was one of those nights. If I had unpacked my robe I would have put it on, I am not particularly proud of my shinny white leggs and I still did not believe anyone was really at the door. So I approached with caution, looked through both the side windows and did not see a car. Thinking I was correct I advanced to my new front door almost sleep walking. I stopped short of the double doors at an angle so I could peer around and through the beveled glass. Hunched over at the opposite angle from me was the figure of a woman. Being one or two in the morning I though it must be June King and she is out of sugar. I rubbed my eyes and realized it was not her. For a moment I became frighten for the figure of the woman seemed to look strange in the fog. Then boldly with my most manly voice I ask though the glass in the dark. Dark because I never turn on interior lights to give someone a illuminated shot at me. Because the stranger was at an opposite angle from me and not centered on the opening I was spotted. My impulse was to not duck and hide so I stood firm or somewhat firm, remember it was the middle of the night and I am not dead yet.I asked what is up and the woman informed me the the light on the septic of my sepc house around the corner was on. I thanked her and went back to bed.
The next evening the lady and this time her husband reappeared at the glass doors. It wasn't so late so I was fully clothed. I sensed domestic unrest so I let Ann handled it. The conversation went on for some time on the poach so I finally stepped out like a big boy and told them both that I was very sorry that I came to the door naked and that it would not happen again. I warmly invited them in and we all made friends.We are still friendly to this day.
So I did not open my door naked to a woman as was gossiped to my architect, Ray Brown, by a lady Realtor who must be in the camp of some other builder. Click on toon to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We are all Catholics!

To a matter of degree all Christians have some Roman Catholic in them. Now my mother Mamie Dickson later Mamie Keeton had more than her fair share of Catholicism. She grew up a Presbyterian. Now I know the Presbyterians are first cousins to Catholics but check out these writings of my Mother. These were written by her long before she converted to the Catholic church. Tell me they don't sound Catholic. Click on the old type written pages to enlarge.
Speaking of Mothers to the bottom left of the First Mass is a tribute to mothers everywhere: