Monday, December 13, 2010


Texans lose in overtime not on account of the Raven interception but on account of Texan punt returner. I don't know who he is or what is has done to be there, but please he must go. To go brain dead after your offense drives 99 yards and then 95 yards to put the game into overtime it is inexcusable. If you did not see the game or do not know the value of field position coupled with overtime momentum then I will explain. First of all you are taught not to field the ball on or inside the ten yard line. And if you must you do not run sideways or backwards. One must go forward to at least get five or ten yards. Ps. I don't care if I have spelled Ravens right or not, at this time it does not look right.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mike Leach Update!

The headlines read Mike is suing ESPN for defamation and ESPN's newly crowned golden boy objects. ESPN convicted Mike on the television without considering both sides. Even after Mike's side started to surface they still continued there assault. Remember days and days of those ugly ticker tape messages on the lower portion of the screen that went on for eternity. It was Adam James being confined to a dark electrical closet that painted a picture similar to a Bush/Cheney enhanced (not Kent Hanced) interrogation.
Now my question is why has Craig James been given golden boy status. His son has been scorned on campus, he, Craig James has played the lead role in Texas Tech's most winning coach being fired. This was and is not good publicity with the football crowd. Most football people are a bit like the military when it comes to doing what the coach tells your kid to do. You don't mouth off and you certainty don't show up to practice with your gimme hat on backwards sporting shades and an attitude. There will be more on this in my book I am currently writing about the great game of football.
Could Craig James new found status have a tie to the lucrative UT television contract lying on the table. Contrary to the tea party's accusations that Obama has turned the US into a socialist country. No Virgina we and especially the television networks are still capitalistic and competitive as ever. Are you starting to get the picture. ESPN is considering to contract in a big way with UT and you got this upstart out in Lubbock that fouled everything up in 08 and has a coach that is a huge threat to the deal. The TV deal requires that the University of Texas in Austin be completely dominate of all the other Texas Schools.
So what to do to secure the deal? Well you have a helicopter parent already employed with the organization. And his kid is not getting thrown to much at all. Perfect have the boy and the daddy push the coach to the limits, get him fired and presto chango. Then have the want to be tea sip chancellor fire the coach (shades of the Jackie Sherill firing) then bring in a run orientate old coach for a couple of years and everything is a go.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opt Out Day

Yes I am going to opt out today just like Vietnam. Now before you start throwing stones for the record I flunked my physical. After four and a half years of college deferments I was forced to report to Fannin St. in Houston for my physical. No one would hire me because of my draft status. Let me continue to be honest unlike Bush, Chenny, Rummie, Rowe and all those other chicken hawks I will admit I did not want to go. I thought it was based on a false premise just like the over blown security in the air ports.
The current hubbub is based on three big thingies; the shoe and underwear bombers, and the three Larry Silverstine buildings that all fell down like Dumpty on 911. Correct me if I am wrong but I have been told that the explosive in the shoe had to be detonated like the buildings but on a smaller scale, a match would not do it. The underwear stooge was chaperoned into the country and onto the plane much like the dupes who flew the planes into the buildings. I have also been told that the explosive laced undies could not have brought a plane down. On the only three steel enforced buildings in all the world in all of time that are believed by some to have fallen at or near the speed of gravity without the aid of explosives, I must refer you to
So again as others make great sums of money over all these again, "I Opt Out".

Corporate Influence Let'em Vote for Us!

Farming with Dynamite

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drunken Conservatives

Posted Nov 3, 2010 .....Washington Post

One morning as a teenager my mother noticed my extreme thirst as I guzzled water from the frig. Later in the day when I was leaving for more destructive behavior, she asked me if I was going out for more of that dog that bit me?
So I ask, outside of high level Corporate execs and non working stock holders, what are these so called conservative voters doing voting for those dogs that bit them? Tk
11/3/2010 4:49:44 PM

Monday, September 27, 2010

George Blanda Mr. Football: Now in Heaven

George was not only the greatest clutch player but the toughest football player to ever live. When is was playing QB at St. Thomas High in Houston one day Coach Mike Mashon asked who has to be the toughest player on the field? He then turned and pointed to me and said you do, your the quarterback. Well George lived up to Mashon's teachings.
This was first called to my attention by Tallimeane at the bowling alley when we kid would hang out with the Oilers. I once got the nerve up to ask Bob who the toughest player was on the team. I expected him to say Dewvall or Cannon. But no he said Blanda was the guy he would least like to fight and fight they did back in the AFL.
This statement was verified in a home game against the Raiders before George was traded to them. Blanda had just thrown a pass and the whistle had blown when some big D end hit late. George was knocked on his back. The defender gloated for a moment and turned back to the line. It wasn't over, bad move for George came quietly up to his back side and kicked him in the rear end with a patented Blanda kick. At that point it was on, another Raider came into the picture to do bodily harm when Cannon cut him off with a body contact hit that send the man sailing. Then all eyes were back on George and the big bully. The bully attacked charging a relaxed Blanda. George commonly took a couple steps back ie. Mohammad Ali style letting the angry defender over extend himself leaving his head on the chopping block for George to chop the back of the neck, only after pulling off his helmet from the back, to finish the fight faster than the blink of an eye.
George I am going to keep going to church so I can see you in heaven. I will not be hitting you late. Love, Trooper

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Eyes of Texas Wide Shut

Can't you see it. UCLA demands that Ut's hand picked ref's do not call the game and guess what , Ut losses. Did you noticed Ut in first half finally got called for their receivers blocking down filed before the ball is caught. They have been doing the same thing against us for years. I think they teach that and stuff like helmet to helmet knowing it won't be called.
I think in our game with minds starting to wonder that have taken it to a new level. Look the two coaches who have brought it to attention are now both unemployed. I am not talking about home cooking but BCS money. Its money calls (game changing calls), make up calls (to be compared in the morning paper), and now cover up calls (to defuse; ie. sideline infraction instead of helmet to helmet).
In closing let me explain. Ut has always from day one in the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, gotten the best recruits but they did not always win. Do you really think Max Brown is the difference? No kids its a few touched refs like (ie. the crew from the SEC who was suspended last year). Even the Aggies are wakening up like Nebraska and Arkansas did. Don't you get it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tech upsets Texas again in 2010

In the first half after a holding call on Texas I turned to Tino and told him that is a no no and that ref would be read the riot act at half time. Sure enough no more holding on UT in the second. But plenty of money calls on Tech like pass interference and taunting. Remember in the 08 victory the phony offensive interference call on Crab at the 6 yard line that killed the td before the last time we got the ball.
This years game I think they the hand picked officials have turned it into a fine science of masterful deception. I even started to wonder if the officials on the field are being directed from above. Like a vibrating cell on out last drive meaning kill the drive. So the signal is on and a almost taunting appears and without thinking grab the flag and throw it.
I could go on but we were beat when they got Mike fired. Ut has a very good history department and it is written in the annuals of ancient Roman, “It is better to have a General with no army than an army with no General”.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

UCLA Blog Editor

Trooper Keeton said:
If it's like it is here in Texas I sure USC blocked Mike. For they remember the 77 points Tech put on Nebraska. Sorry Mr. Editor if you can' t handle the truth about big money college football.
August 19, 2010 10:00 AM

Someone on their blog site blocked this I wonder if USC owns them?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cannot keep head in the Sand!

From the Washington Post
Clawrence, we can believe some Saudi's were in on it, but to this day we have no idea who sent who. It would be like thinking Jack Ruby killed Kennedy. Well maybe he was in on it since he was connected, but, need it go on?
Your point is well taken but we are missing the bottom line.

Posted by: trooperkeeton | August 16, 2010 6:47 PM

I Knew it

If you want to control the middle east go after the run runners who are supplying the hand held surface to air missiles. I don't care if its one of our off shore US Corps or not.Tk

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Trooper Teaching

Last night I attended a session on the Parables of Jesus. I did not interrupt at the beginning to ask just what is a parable. So while listening I came to answer my own question. Trooper teaching: "A biblical parable is like a written stage play which has powerful redeeming value. This parable or play is written about each and everyone of us. And unlike most plays where we the actor or actress play only one or maybe two parts, we, each one of us play all the parts". Tk

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Letter from Dr. David Golden

America at the Crossroad: The Passion of Hate
By David Golden, Austin TX, June 2010
When America the beautiful was our goal,
Many came here for a chance to save their soul.
It was better here and so‐‐‐ many came by ship, train, plane and bus.
Cause we were growing up with grace shining on us.
We wanted no passion of hate here and fought for hate protection.
Positive change was our direction.
Now, no more, no more ‐‐‐ no more “who’s in favor.”
We’ve come full circle to preemptive war and love thyself, not thy neighbor.
As signs of the times, “drill baby drill and don’t mind a little spill” show greed is in favor.
So where are we today?
When we say, “I alone decide and it’s got to be my way,”
As we stand with arms crossed impatiently smirking.
No we say, no, and there is no compromise lurking.
Compromise is how the weak ones die.
When our lie is found, we just misspoke, we did not lie.
It wasn’t premeditated, just a memory lapse.
Our egos went wild, for a time, it’s not a collapse.
Can we go back to our Country, “one for all and all for one”?
Can we root our diversity in our sameness and count everyone?
Or will the passion of hate become our right,
As we turn off forever our shining light?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What We Really Need is a Cowgril

If I could have been McCain's campaign manager he would have won. First I would have put him in a Cowboy hat and told him to be friendly, like he was in his concession speech. Then I would have dressed Sahara up in the sexiest cowgirl outfit west of the Mississippi . The outfit would have included a big iron on each hip. The photo opts would have been staged down on the Arizona border where you can still wear your guns. I would have had her doing a take off on the Hanes lady saying, with both guns drawn, "You don't get in to the US until I say you get in". American wants another Cowboy in the White House and a Cowgirl that would be even more fun. Yeeeepeee!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Baptist Get the Shaft

It appears college basketball has also been tainted by the powers at be. Not sure go and review the last couple minutes of the Baylor vs Duke regional 2010 match up. A false charge, a touch foul, and you tell me the other phony call all going against the Baptists. This was enough to put the Devils into the final four.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give That Oscar a Rifle

How in the world does the lowest box office, pro military, pro oil war film beat out the highest grossing, anti-Imperialistic 3D film for best picture at the 2010 Academy Awards. Well I have an idea. While viewing the other pro war film, Inglorious Bastards , I got a clue. First of all unlike other corporate sponsored films this film installed top notch actors. In fact the fellow who got best supporting actor for playing an evil SS Nazi was stupendous. Of all the Nazi movies I have seen he is the scariest of all time. The Best Supporting Actor award being announced first was perfect cover for what was to follow. In case you have not seen Bastards or did not get what I got, the lead actor is played a Texan talking George Bush Nazi hunter. The film is fictional but is extremely violent and portrays the Americans in a very un-American way. T his rag tag bunch of Nazi hunters perform brutal acts of terror. When they touché the young woman and get just the answers the want, it hit me. Whoever wrote this script was trying to cover up for some such types by portraying, all this criminal activity as a necessary and effective evil.
Now comes the Best Picture of the Year. Yea right, about a young American in a foreign country diffusing IUD’s. Nothing against such activies, in fact it’s sometimes a non violent act in an violent occupied county. In fact my architect’s nephew was one such trooper. He is a hero not only for the job he did over there but most of all for his positive attitude after losing an arm, a leg, and an eye. Now if you are still reading this blog I am going to give you my take on why Avatar was upset. Ok the stage was set by correctly give the best supporting actor to a well deserved recipient. However, I think this conspiracy started about a year before the awards when the war freaks found out that, Avatar, this big budget money film in progress was anti-imperialistic, pro environmental. A film to off set this must be produced. The first move to do this was brilliant. Hire the divorced wife of the producer of Avatar to direct an oil war movie. So a year later we hear the words its time is here, “The time for a woman director to win best picture”. Perfect, now anyone who might discover the plan will be looked on as some kind of chauvinist.
After announcing my theory on the Mark Johnson show, who had the courage and in sight to consider its , I announced it on Randi Rhoades and Alan Cones. Randi could not see past Bastard’s director Terientino, because of is unholy violence and his trade mark scalping violence. But he did not write it and he makes excellent cover. Now Alan he mentioned that the Academy Awards are voted on by its members. As he was cutting me off, I mentioned what I had hear that there were reports of payola, but that was countered with brides and arm twisitng happens every year. Well if that’s the case carve another notch on Oscar’s rifle.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV (39?)

Need we say more? Yes! Since I do know about Losing. I do believe the Colt coach should apologize to his team for starting the slide. He gave up the possibility of an undefeated season for security. I have said it and will say it again; "When you give up winning for security you lose." If I ever get the chance I will ask Peyton what was the bigger disappointment, being passed up for the Heisman or an undefeated season in NFL history?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad Karma ?

Kindle helmet + Potts helmet + Muskchamp's flippant reply + Max's highlight clip - Colt's shoulder + Bama's #57 helmet = Bad Karma ?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Watch Read and Weap!

Only an enemy of the Red Raider Nation could be responsible for the firing of Mike.
Up date of the trial:
Adam James’ character — and the allegedly unwelcome influence of his father — is also brought into question in the lawsuit.

The documents refer to a September incident in which coaches reportedly told James he would be made third string for his attitude. Furious, according to the documents, James screamed profanities and stormed out of the office, slamming and breaking a door on his way out.

Then, according to the lawsuit, James’ father called an assistant coach and left a message saying, “You don’t know what you’re doing. Adam James is the best player at the wide receiver position … If you’ve got the b—- to call me back, and I don’t think you do, call me back.”

The Set up! To fire Mike Leach

Another possibility for the conspiracy. Craig James has dribbled that he might run for Kay Baby's seat. Since Adam may have gotten his scholarship as a political favor through Hance. Now that they got Mike's scalp, do you think that they had planned for Craig using his current response, "I did what any father would have done". Dastardly publicity and unwarranted sympathy to launch the leader of the James gang into the U S Senate?
No Mr. James most fathers would have instructed there son to not be brat and do what the coach tells you to do. Real players do not wear sunglasses and there hat on backwards to practice when everyone else has helmet and shoulder pads on. Should you wine about being light sensitive and having a headache you accept the trainer taking you out of the sunlight and into the coaches media room.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Colt Takes A Dive

The great white hope season of the 09 Texas Longhorns followed the script of the boxing movie to a tee as in tee sip. If you saw the film the unsuspecting fighter is told he has to take a dive in the title fight because all his fights had been fixed. For the 09 Horns the first apparent fix was moving the Tech game up to face a unseasoned Taylor Potts. The game was secured by letting three of Randy Christel's crew members officiate. During the first half of the OK State games ESPN jumped into the script by telling the announcers to can it about the calls going for Texas. The icing on the cake to this business was when Big 12 rules were violated by putting time on the clock after the game was over to allow the wining kick.
Well Colt McCoy did not really take a dive but the injury added to the script. The injury almost leaves it undecided as to whether the season was a set up. However, Colts injury may have been off set my Ingram's injury. In case you did not notice the Heisman Trophy winner sat out about two quarters with a hamstring pull and had to fight through the pain on his last Score.