Sunday, February 1, 2009

St. Paul the Teacher

St. Paul is recognized as the greatest Christian Saint. I just came to realize that he was and is a great u niter. If one is Christian, his life is easily accepted because he converted to Christianity from Judaism. Also, if you are a good Jew you probably really don't want to kill Christians as Paul did early on as a Roman soldier. So the Jews can think favorably of him even those he jumped ships. Most folks of the Jewish faith like and respect Jesus of Nazareth. They just don't think he is the messiah. So if Paul did stray by becoming a Christian all can rest assured that he came from good stock. With this being said I would like people of all faiths and non faiths to check out St. Paul. I found a little book called the meditations of St. Paul. It is as good as any of the new age self help books.

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