Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Letter from Dr. David Golden

America at the Crossroad: The Passion of Hate
By David Golden, Austin TX, June 2010
When America the beautiful was our goal,
Many came here for a chance to save their soul.
It was better here and so‐‐‐ many came by ship, train, plane and bus.
Cause we were growing up with grace shining on us.
We wanted no passion of hate here and fought for hate protection.
Positive change was our direction.
Now, no more, no more ‐‐‐ no more “who’s in favor.”
We’ve come full circle to preemptive war and love thyself, not thy neighbor.
As signs of the times, “drill baby drill and don’t mind a little spill” show greed is in favor.
So where are we today?
When we say, “I alone decide and it’s got to be my way,”
As we stand with arms crossed impatiently smirking.
No we say, no, and there is no compromise lurking.
Compromise is how the weak ones die.
When our lie is found, we just misspoke, we did not lie.
It wasn’t premeditated, just a memory lapse.
Our egos went wild, for a time, it’s not a collapse.
Can we go back to our Country, “one for all and all for one”?
Can we root our diversity in our sameness and count everyone?
Or will the passion of hate become our right,
As we turn off forever our shining light?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What We Really Need is a Cowgril

If I could have been McCain's campaign manager he would have won. First I would have put him in a Cowboy hat and told him to be friendly, like he was in his concession speech. Then I would have dressed Sahara up in the sexiest cowgirl outfit west of the Mississippi . The outfit would have included a big iron on each hip. The photo opts would have been staged down on the Arizona border where you can still wear your guns. I would have had her doing a take off on the Hanes lady saying, with both guns drawn, "You don't get in to the US until I say you get in". American wants another Cowboy in the White House and a Cowgirl that would be even more fun. Yeeeepeee!

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