Monday, March 29, 2010

Baptist Get the Shaft

It appears college basketball has also been tainted by the powers at be. Not sure go and review the last couple minutes of the Baylor vs Duke regional 2010 match up. A false charge, a touch foul, and you tell me the other phony call all going against the Baptists. This was enough to put the Devils into the final four.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give That Oscar a Rifle

How in the world does the lowest box office, pro military, pro oil war film beat out the highest grossing, anti-Imperialistic 3D film for best picture at the 2010 Academy Awards. Well I have an idea. While viewing the other pro war film, Inglorious Bastards , I got a clue. First of all unlike other corporate sponsored films this film installed top notch actors. In fact the fellow who got best supporting actor for playing an evil SS Nazi was stupendous. Of all the Nazi movies I have seen he is the scariest of all time. The Best Supporting Actor award being announced first was perfect cover for what was to follow. In case you have not seen Bastards or did not get what I got, the lead actor is played a Texan talking George Bush Nazi hunter. The film is fictional but is extremely violent and portrays the Americans in a very un-American way. T his rag tag bunch of Nazi hunters perform brutal acts of terror. When they touché the young woman and get just the answers the want, it hit me. Whoever wrote this script was trying to cover up for some such types by portraying, all this criminal activity as a necessary and effective evil.
Now comes the Best Picture of the Year. Yea right, about a young American in a foreign country diffusing IUD’s. Nothing against such activies, in fact it’s sometimes a non violent act in an violent occupied county. In fact my architect’s nephew was one such trooper. He is a hero not only for the job he did over there but most of all for his positive attitude after losing an arm, a leg, and an eye. Now if you are still reading this blog I am going to give you my take on why Avatar was upset. Ok the stage was set by correctly give the best supporting actor to a well deserved recipient. However, I think this conspiracy started about a year before the awards when the war freaks found out that, Avatar, this big budget money film in progress was anti-imperialistic, pro environmental. A film to off set this must be produced. The first move to do this was brilliant. Hire the divorced wife of the producer of Avatar to direct an oil war movie. So a year later we hear the words its time is here, “The time for a woman director to win best picture”. Perfect, now anyone who might discover the plan will be looked on as some kind of chauvinist.
After announcing my theory on the Mark Johnson show, who had the courage and in sight to consider its , I announced it on Randi Rhoades and Alan Cones. Randi could not see past Bastard’s director Terientino, because of is unholy violence and his trade mark scalping violence. But he did not write it and he makes excellent cover. Now Alan he mentioned that the Academy Awards are voted on by its members. As he was cutting me off, I mentioned what I had hear that there were reports of payola, but that was countered with brides and arm twisitng happens every year. Well if that’s the case carve another notch on Oscar’s rifle.