Monday, February 16, 2009

Passing the Torch

  1. Trooper Keeton class of 69 on Your comment is awaiting moderation. February 16th, 2009 6:10 pm

    Mike or the higher ups moved the game for the money or they decided to roll the dice and not wait for 2010. Last year we ruined the Longhorns season just like 1967. But this time with all the big BCS money it hurt even worse. So if we can get back to business, get Taylor ready, get the linebackers making there drops when McCoy makes his and have them stay on their toes so they can come up and get him if he takes off. Here are the stakes and they are alot higher for Ut. The country sees us at a level near the mighty Longhorns. If we go in there with a rookie Qb and beat them with their Pistola McCoy we will surpass them for the first time like Virgina Tech has surpassed Virgina. If we don’t then there will be 2010. If we beat them and OU in 2010 we will be the top college football team in Texas. So please Mike without showing it, take the negotiations into your own hands and go with your gut. For more go to the football player section at

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