Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trooper Keeton uncovers Candida Moss

Candida Moss uncovered by Trooper Keeton

The woman is being true to her Protestant education. That being Oxford and Yale. She is employed by Notre  Dame, but with anti-discrimination laws that means little. Not all, but some Protestants wrestle with apostolic accession, for this is a key pillar of the Catholic Church. So when we read her writings claiming the Christians were not persecuted, then how can we believe that all the Popes before the fourth century were martyred. It has been said to know history is to cease being a Protestant. So Ms. Moss choses to rewrite history.
Having said that, please do not be upset if you are my, as we say, separated brethren. If you believe all that about indulgences, then you are probably true to your heart and will go to heaven and be united the Jesus. Whether Protestant or Catholic, let us ponder that this woman may have an axe to grind. Maybe she is quilted over the all-male priesthood or the over-scrutinized Obama Care. May I steer you to the fullness of the truth on the early church with The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin. Now Jimmy's book is like reading the Bible so you may not want to read cover to cover, just indulge in the Chapters that grab you. Now a fun read is The Miracles of the Coliseum. Fun because some of it may be hyperboles. It is written in this book a line that I coveted , The Blood of the Martyrs are the Seeds of Christianity.      

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hail The Red Raiders

Our penance is done. Didn't think Protestants on the high plains paid penance. Well we did. Why do you think we went on the losing streak. We were being forced to pay for the firing of Mike. And, Mike paid for something in the last seconds of his bowl game against Colorado State. There was a brilliant ray of light that shone in the 2013Tech/Oklahoma game. I will tell you this; that was the hardest hitting game maybe ever. Remember the TV announcer saying, "man we are playing some football in Oklahoma!!" (And that is the first time I spelled it right). Stoops tried to play, oh dumb, when the on field announcer said something like, "did you see the game? Dude."
 I suggest we buy that game and the WSU  bowl game. Raiders! God loves Coach Kingsbury and us both. P.S  to Klif:
When  in Austin assume the head phones have party line capabilities. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Day Johnny Carlos Almost Killed Me

The rock hard surface of the 1963 Houston Robert E Lee High School was moist and slick the afternoon that Carlos almost did me in. It was fifty years ago and I just realized how lucky I was to have survived. For all those years it had never occurred to me what might have happen. It only occurred to me how fortunate my slip on the moist ground was. The trigger to my new found awareness was a Sunday sermon on the consequences of one's own actions. My original thoughts on this subject were of how others might have been effected, a somewhat uneasy revelation. As I pondered these thoughts eventually football overtook the thoughts of girls and rock'n roll.
Funny this one play at practice popped to mind. I was on offense at wingback with our great Coach "Galloping" Gil Bartosh standing just behind me in the flat. At the snap I pulled up and Andy White fired the ball right between the numbers. I caught the pass and proceed to show Bartosh that I was a ball carrier. So far all these actions and thoughts had taken place in the blink of an eye. As the blink was completed there was Carlos coming at "Johnny Carlos up the middle" speed. Johnny was what we call a north south runner and anyone in his way would want to have their chin strap on good and tight. Today's player would need to have all four chin straps snapped otherwise he would be coming out for at least one play maybe more. Left unimpeded, Johnny, with speed and he well over 200 lbs could hit. So for all those years I thought if I had not slipped down I could have shown Bartosh why he needed to let me carry the ball. So my new found revelation was, what if I had not been aided by gravity in avoiding a possesed Carlos, I may not have remembered any of the 63 season.
I say possessed because Johnny and I split playing time at defensive end. He, I am sure did not like this arrangement any more than I did. By the way he was charging at me it is possible he had a remedity for this time splitting arrangement. Also, I was thinking this play may have been my reasoning for behaving like King Brat in the last game of the season when I was finally starting on offense, catching pass and getting to carry the ball. I confirmed this title in tha last game of the season. My mother had already given me the title King Brat when Coach Pate asked me to go in on defense. I more or less refused telling him I am playing offense and to just let Carlos play. Too bad it was the last game of the season I could have continued to tote the ball and Johnny could have weather permitting go around knocking off people's helmets off.