Friday, December 12, 2008

We Got Stooped

What Happen to Graham Harrell and The Texas Tech Red Raiders? They got Stooped. Bob Stoops knew the Raiders every move. Was it a case of the teacher, Stoops, taking the pupil, Leach , behind the wood shed or was there more than what met the casual observers eye? Unlike Mike Leach I did play defense. Most good defensive player do not ham it up between plays. They stand very quite listen and look for clues as to what the offense is going to run next. Now Bob and his staff coached the greatest game of football in history or they too were looking and listening. The only other answer is God loves Oklahoma more than Texas Tech. I can assure you being a Tech grad and fifth generation Texan, that is not the case. Did Stoops steal Leaches signals. Did Oklahoma relay one of six signs out to their defense; run right, run left,run up gut and pass short sideline, pass middle,and pass deep. I think in Pro football it would be part of the game, but college we are at least in a gray area. If they did manipulate the game in this manner I think Stoops should at least confess, if not ask Graham and the Raiders for forgiveness. For this embarrassing loss cost Tech a possible National Championship and more likely their first Heisman. And one more thing Mike cover your mouth. There's lip readers out there. They come from the School for the Deaf here in Austin.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Talk Radio / Troopers Troopers

Join up to be a Trooper of talk radio. I,Trooper Keeton, haven been somewhat controversial over the years and as in the Vietnam area anti-war. I have been censored on some AM talk radio. Now KVET am and fm are still Trooper friendly. For those of us who support the first amendment we will counter with calls, codes, and conduct. With talk radio becoming so uniform the daily topics are often predictable. So we will go here in the mornings to penetrate the shows with valuable and honest information. This can only be accomplished with numbers because the hoists are good at identifying a regular callers voices. But if we enlist enough Troopers to call we will keep them off balance. To be a good Trooper it helps to stay informed and you must refrain from any foul language. You can apply to be an officer or a grunt. Officers can post information to be called in and they can call the message personally. Grunts for the most part make the calls. The grunts are the Indians, the officers and I are the chiefs. Like most outfits we need Indians more than chiefs. The grunts have to be part time or very sneaky if they are active. It helps to be able to change up your voice, use anonymous calling , use different numbers and most of all be clever enough to get past the call screeners. We do not want to be dishonest so try to touch on the subject delivered to the screener either before or after the main message. Check for daily postings. If an officer want to post a subject do so won't wait for me. Like Alex says go to the sounds of the action. In fact you don't have to post we are like Commanches we have no leaders we are all leaders. Therefore we have yells and the yells are the code words. Until further notice the code word is per chance. Slip the the code "per chance" in sometime during the message. If you don't get it in don't worry you will next time. That code is for us. The gotta code is Trooper. If you are calling from a different number than your own you can mention Trooper as in real Trooper or you once knew of a Trooper who thought or said, something with Trooper. This will be the fun part because the hosts will come to know you can't stop the truth and they just got trooped.. Until myself or someone posts a better subject lets give it a try. we will start out Please note you don't have to check in daily just try to slip in the codes words. "Remember First Amendment". Go get them Troopers.

Gotcha! Mr. Umpire

Gotcha! Mr. Umpire

Feeling unsettled after the Tech Texas/ Texas game I decided go home and review this game I had recorded. I wondered about that fiasco that went on in the south end zone during the third quarter. Like the announcers I also felt that the Red Raiders had to complete the drive with a score to stay in the game. It was during those four calls in six or seven snaps that I started to wonder about the big bang theory, did all this really just happen, or was a guiding hand involved? Returning from Darrel K. Royal Memorial stadium with sore throat from yelling when they weren’t. I first took a look at the Crabtree catch on the Texas 6 yard line. It looked like a catch, but the ref and even an announcer said it was incomplete. So after the much needed first down, I took a look at the Britton catch in the end zone and, low and behold, it was incomplete. I started wondering about the theory of evolution. But wait, I must evaluate that untimely holding call on the Amendola touchdown, minus the roughing the passer and helmet to helmet infractions, which was erased off the score board while 85,000 fans were screaming their heads off. At first, it appeared to me that the UT linebacker #2 failed on a spin more to penetrate past the big 300+ lb.Tech lineman. After a few replays, I realized #2 came in a little too high between giant Tech left guard and the center. He was clotheslined just under the top flap of his left shoulder pad by the giants right arm. The halted UT linebacker, then, in a desperate move with his right arm, attempted to underhook the extended right arm of the big left guard. As the underhook failed, he was jammed against the unfriendly gaint, his feet were a little too close together and now his two feet were in front of what little center of gravity he had left on this planet. So with a swish of the giant’s arm, #2 in a counter clockwise motion not clockwise, the daring young linebacker ends up flat on his back. If one had not seem what led up to #2 being put on his back with the giant standing over him, one might have thought the big guy used judo, which, unless you are on defense is considered holding. Well, what about the umpire or someone else calling roughing or helmet to helmet. There was definitely a big bang when the other blitzing UT backer hit the Tech QB after the ball was about three yards off his passing hand heading for Amendola who had four defenders around him as if they had been reading his mail. Oh well, the ump saw it differently but what about the helmet to helmet big bang reality? It was after the 15th or 16th slow motion replay that the gotcha occurred. I realized the ump was standing center camera on the replay from the North end zone . So, being the inquisitive fan I am, I decided to observe the observer. By reading the ump’s eyes, I realized why men sometimes fail in their various endeavors. His eyes were fixed on the QB before, during and after the helmet to helmet late hit. It was only after the mugging had occurred that the ump’s eyes shift to his right to observe the end result of a pancaked UT backer. There was the big bad Tech lineman standing over the home town boy. So, the ump reaches for the flag and steps to his right and walks off camera.
So before we condemn Mike Leach for standing up for what he felt deep ht on four of the five calls or no calls. Coach Leach was right on the catch ( the ref and the TV announcer got the ball mixed up with Crabtrees elbow that hit the ground in one of college footballs greatest catches), the pancake block, the roughing and the helmet to helmet and he was wrong on the Britton catch. Four out of five pretty good for not having TEVO. Oh and by the way the giants right hand never closed nor did his left hand participate in the pancake block. I guess it doesn’t matter because no one was watching or were they? Trooper Keeton

Divine Intervention 2008 Tech vs Texas football game

Divine intervention in Collage football, or Possibly Intention? No there is no 5 yard bump rule in college football. The problem is the UT defender bumped the Texas Tech all American receiver Micheal Crabtree. Yet some confused or misdirected ref called offensive interference. All Micheal did was a swim move to the flag to avoid being held up. So instead of Tech touchdown or second and goal at the Texas 3 yard. Line it was first and goal at the 25 yard line. This little call killed the touchdown drive with about 5 mins. left in the game. Tech kicked a field goal( take away the 7 add 3 to recorded score). Now while you have your calculator out subtract 7 pts. from the UT score because the flag for the blocks in back should never have been picked up after the Shipley returned the punt for a TD. Reality final score Tech 36 Texas 26.
Yes there were various other infractions but these were game changing penalties. Were the refs read the riot act at half time? Would have Tech 36 Texas 26 have dropped Texas further from a BCS bowel game? If the almighty had not been watching from above would the refs have decided the 2008 game as they did the 2007 game? For the sake of college football and the BCS should we not clear this situation up here on earth?. The image shown above came from above. Cannot except Divine Intervention, read about the explanation of Intention in the comment section.
Trooper Keeton Texas Tech class of 69. (