Friday, April 27, 2012

Divine Intervention II

Divine Intervention II Then: Waco, Texas College football 2011  Now: NFL Draft Day With RGIII the Good Lord should convey.  At Baylor R G III, a Catholic leading the the Baptist Bears was an ecumenical break through. A review of the Oklahoma game should make a believer out of you'll. My Aggie buddy called to tell me Baylor was going to win. I said no there is 6 mins left, the Sooner will score and go for two giving them the one point win. Well there appeared to be an intervention from above. Oklahoma scored with little time left, they lined up with the bull dozers for inevitable two points. But no, someone jumped and they settled to tie the score. Now R G III with the ball took a knee to play for a over time win. But no, Coach Stoops calls time out, Bears say ok we'll will roll the dice. Now bear in mind the Baptists seldom roll dice. But Robert Griffin the III Aka "Little Jesus" takes them the length of the field, caps the drive with a 39 yard TD pass for the win with only seconds left.  Divine intervention I; the first was up in Lubbock "the Crabtree catch", a few years back.