Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trooper Keeton Card?

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The quiz on the Trooper Keeton card asks why at the conclusion of the card quiz (see first slide on the home page). The first edition did not have the quiz with the answers on the back and most people did not get it. So being the customer oriented business man that I am I added the quiz. Now why? This card helps to develop the organ of a real Trooper not simply a DPS Trooper. The card proves that the US Horse Cavalry did serve in the European theater. My father Trooper Grover Keeton took his picture as his detached regiment of the 124 cav was heading North to assist the sixth army fighting in the Mountains in Italy (Dad could not recall for sure if It was the sixth, if someones knows otherwise please contact me) . WWII was pre helicopter so the mules were the best method to bring supplies in. My father did not talk awhole lot about the war and went I asked him if they brought any back after delivering the supplies he gave me a solemn look and said yes. Seven bodies to a mule. With insight like that, may be why I did not sign my letter of intent after my sophomore in ROTC. Vietnam was raging and when I found out the causality for a Second Lt. was higher than a buck private I was not so motivated. On a lighter side I found it interesting that most all of the Troopers where black men. This may be one reason I got along with the bros on the football teams.Now about those two gentlemen pictured on the left of the picture. For a time I thought they were Nazis posing as gay guys to slip past the conquering Americans. The fellow on the far left is dressed like a Priest with his arm around his puff. The puff has this left hand in his pants. Then one day I thought, dead or alive they might not want to be labeled gay. So maybe they are just a couple, happy and gay that the US Cavalry has come to the rescue.

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