Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kudos for Trooper and Mike Leach

# Trooper Keeton class of 69 on March 3rd, 2009 2:39 pm

Well I did not get a call from Mike Leach thanking me for my advice on how to handle the contract dispute, but he sure acted like he followed my advice. My advice followed an old real estate adage; “If you have a willing seller and a willing buyer the the worst agent cannot kill the deal.” And I am not saying the Mikes agents are not good. I am sure they did a lot of blocking in the trenches. It was just time for Mike to take matters into his own hands.That having been said, I am dedicating the next two years to Burl Huffman. I will never forget the first gather up after freshman practice in the fall of 65 and Burl talking about bring a National Championship to Texas Tech. I don't know about the rest of the team, but just out of high school I knew nothing above state champs. Even back then we beat Texas two of my three would have been varsity years, not to mention 67,”The Year of the Horns” , when we beat them the second game of the year. Kids at that time I did not see it, but by golly he was on target. We now beat A&M, we occasionally beat Oklahoma and UT. Why not be national champs! Especially in 2010.


Mr.Game said...

Are you seriously trying to take credit for Mikes contract settlement? I don't believe that Mike even knows who you are. Well I will tell this. I was at your "semi-pro" games which was a joke, just a bunch of unemployed ex high school players trying to hang on to there youth instead of growing up and taking on life as an adult. Now kids I know the truth hurts but taking credit for Mikes contract. COME ON!

The Blog said...

I occasionally do speak with Mike. He is very communicative. About whether he read one of the seven Tech blogs I was published on I don't know . Do you? About the minor leagues. It was guys like you that made it rewarding. For it never failed that after the season was under way you all would show up with that better than thou attitude. It was especially fun if you brought some college clippings with you. Go here: the come back for a quiz on the difference between you semi pro and minor league. but reaslly Mr. Game my site is about having fun. Like my mother said the players that are out to have fun usually play the best.