Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's Fly to Cuba

For the life of me I cannot comprehend how stupid people are over this Guantanamo thing. Some two hundred and fifty fellows and we are afraid as squirrels. I want them tried and the innocent set free anywhere they want to go. That includes next door to me. As a Christian I feel indebted to them for the fact that our government held them for so long. I have heard that some were turned in as bounty by the Taliban. It is often referenced that many others were picked up off the battlefield, since when is it a unforgiving crime to fight for ones country. Were we so afraid of the Japanese and Germans prisoners after WWII? They were Hell bent on there cause and we had no problem letting them go. Well I guess you could argue that this is the never ending war on terror. If we don't start treating the rest of the world as fellow children of God, this terror war may never end. Now as for the really bad guys who cannot just yet get over it, they could be held in the max security prisons in this country. As for the request of 80 million dollars by my man Obama, I believe that was the real stumbling block. We fiscal conservatives had a problem with that. So why not take some of that money and convert the camp into a low budget retreat and nature park, if Cuba would consider burying the hatchet. Maybe that would help to patch things up down there. I am not quite old enough to have flown to Cuba and partied like they did in the 50's but I sure hope someday I will have that opportunity.


Unknown said...

Well said...thanks for visiting, and giving us info on Johnny Unitas


The Captain

Mr.Game said...

Nice of you to offer the house next door to you but you do understand that they hate Christian's and want us dead don't you? Yes you are correct in the assumption that they are fighting for a cause it is called jihad, which we know is taught in the Muslim religion. These people are brainwashed to believe that they will receive seventy two virgins for the killing of Christians if they agree to martyrdom. If we were to bring them to USA prisons they will only spread hate and dislike of our country and prison and will end up costing much more than 80 million dollars.