Monday, May 25, 2009

Trooper Keeton takes you inside the Yogurt Shop Murders!

I doubt few outside of a participant of the actual crime knows more about this murder that yours truly. Having followed this horrible crime through the papers, lectured by Eric Moebius, having attended the trials and interviewing some of the expert witness, all this puts me at the head of the line. On top of that I have a criminal mind, which I do not use to an unholy advantage. Last but not least the Lord gave more than my share of, power of reasoning. This last mentioned advantage is the main reason, an F student such as I, out of high school I was able to graduate from Texas Tech with a degree in Marketing.Mentioned first was Moebius. He proclaims it as a site specific murder. You can search Erik Moebius/Yogurt Shop Murders, and I suggest you do it on for your own security. I will let you be your own judge on all that. However, I will mention when it came time to follow the money on the insurance claims, the boys were picked up after nine years of haggling and charged with murder. That was just weeks before the civil trail in San Antonio was about to begin. So if there was or is any connection it was very convenient for many of the would be witness could now remain silent because a criminal trail has jurisdiction over a civil trial.Let's put all that aside and look at the first trials and non trials. This is where I have the advantage on Moebius. He was run out of Texas for his theory on all this (part of a plea bargain). Ok I am not an attorney like Erik, so if you think only an attorney has a brain then log off now. One of the key things I noticed was that Maurice, who was the leader of the three other boys gave information that first led to Springsteen’s conviction. Then Springsteen’s words led to Mike’s conviction. Now mind you none of the boys were brought before one another in there different trials. I was wondering about the privilege of cross examination. I pondered that something was wrong right here in river city. Then low and behold before the dust had settled the prosecution let Maurice go. After that I thought that with all those cards from the house that was being constructed, laying on the floor of the Travis County Court House they would let the boys go. Especially, in light of what else when on.You wonder what else? Good that means you are not mere furniture living in this gasoline world. The biggest quirk was the evidence regarding the fire. For nine years the fire marshal and everyone else believed that the fire started in the corner of the back room by the cleaning materials. Well during the interrogation of one of the boys he claimed the fire was started in the center of the room where the bodies where stacked. So after nine years the site of the fire was moved. Well that was OK until the expert witness on fire gave his testimony. In which he said it was impossible. In the corner where the materials stored could result in a fire strong enough to melt the metal rafters. A fire against a wall burns hotter than in the open and a fire in a corner burns even hotter. The expert whom I interviewed in the hall said that it would take at least three cubic yards of solid fuel to produce that kind of heat in the center of the room over moist human bodies. So, it appeared to me that the evidence was changed to fit an unscientific statement made by a young boy.Another thing that was interesting was the expert for why people confess to crimes they did not commit. He started off with the regular generic rhetoric and the prosecution started getting nervous. The Judge had the jury withdraw. He was told that maybe he could go on but do not refer to his studies as this case. The jury came back and he continued on. But because this case was so similar to his studies the judge and prosecution kicked him off the stand. As he left the court room I followed him down the hall. I asked him if anything like that had ever happened to him before. He said no in all his years of testifying he had never been told to leave the court room. He said that there had been times when the powers at be had really wanted a conviction and that they had almost kick him out. But never until now had that happen to him. Now mind you the two experts that I am referring to where both top draw. In fact I have seen them both on national TV programs as featured quests. Now the latest issue we have is newly discovered DNA evidence. All through this first round of trial they said the only DNA was some sperm found in one of the twin girls. It was from a young man who was having an affair with one of the twins. He was a clean cut white boy who said he had slept through it all. The young man said he was real tired the night of the murders and went to sleep early. He like Rodney Reed now on death row for the murder of a police officer’s finance, was reluctant to admit to his sperm in the girl’s dead body. In fact the boy friend did not know anything until the step father of the twins woke him up at 4 or 5 the next morning to inform him his girl friend was dead. So anyway now after all that, someone has come up with more DNA, I think it is sperm. It does not match any of the defendants. So since the kid in the car from Lockhart was never charged and Maurice the ring leader has been let go. I say drop the charges on Springsteen and Mike and let us get back to following the money.Well if you have read all this you may be ready for the advanced study: go to

Let's Fly to Cuba

For the life of me I cannot comprehend how stupid people are over this Guantanamo thing. Some two hundred and fifty fellows and we are afraid as squirrels. I want them tried and the innocent set free anywhere they want to go. That includes next door to me. As a Christian I feel indebted to them for the fact that our government held them for so long. I have heard that some were turned in as bounty by the Taliban. It is often referenced that many others were picked up off the battlefield, since when is it a unforgiving crime to fight for ones country. Were we so afraid of the Japanese and Germans prisoners after WWII? They were Hell bent on there cause and we had no problem letting them go. Well I guess you could argue that this is the never ending war on terror. If we don't start treating the rest of the world as fellow children of God, this terror war may never end. Now as for the really bad guys who cannot just yet get over it, they could be held in the max security prisons in this country. As for the request of 80 million dollars by my man Obama, I believe that was the real stumbling block. We fiscal conservatives had a problem with that. So why not take some of that money and convert the camp into a low budget retreat and nature park, if Cuba would consider burying the hatchet. Maybe that would help to patch things up down there. I am not quite old enough to have flown to Cuba and partied like they did in the 50's but I sure hope someday I will have that opportunity.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trooper Keeton Card?

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The quiz on the Trooper Keeton card asks why at the conclusion of the card quiz (see first slide on the home page). The first edition did not have the quiz with the answers on the back and most people did not get it. So being the customer oriented business man that I am I added the quiz. Now why? This card helps to develop the organ of a real Trooper not simply a DPS Trooper. The card proves that the US Horse Cavalry did serve in the European theater. My father Trooper Grover Keeton took his picture as his detached regiment of the 124 cav was heading North to assist the sixth army fighting in the Mountains in Italy (Dad could not recall for sure if It was the sixth, if someones knows otherwise please contact me) . WWII was pre helicopter so the mules were the best method to bring supplies in. My father did not talk awhole lot about the war and went I asked him if they brought any back after delivering the supplies he gave me a solemn look and said yes. Seven bodies to a mule. With insight like that, may be why I did not sign my letter of intent after my sophomore in ROTC. Vietnam was raging and when I found out the causality for a Second Lt. was higher than a buck private I was not so motivated. On a lighter side I found it interesting that most all of the Troopers where black men. This may be one reason I got along with the bros on the football teams.Now about those two gentlemen pictured on the left of the picture. For a time I thought they were Nazis posing as gay guys to slip past the conquering Americans. The fellow on the far left is dressed like a Priest with his arm around his puff. The puff has this left hand in his pants. Then one day I thought, dead or alive they might not want to be labeled gay. So maybe they are just a couple, happy and gay that the US Cavalry has come to the rescue.

The Builder Knows Best

Trooper comes from a long line of builders!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes Virigina torture is bad!

Some of the torture pictures have slipped out. I cannot bring my self to post them but if you think they are not so bad go to:
Here is one for the water boarders: