Friday, October 4, 2013

So you want to beat Texas?

This post is to Coach Kingsberry and any coach interested in beating UT in the game of football. If time is running out and your team drives the field and Texas is three points ahead do not kick the field goal. Should you not score or make the first down an additional three points will only end up having you lose by one. For the possibility of Texas driving the field and winning on an extra point will inspire their team and tempt the referees in helping them to a come back win. Unless you are Bama or maybe the Irish the money is going to be on Texas. The last UT/A@M and the Iowa State last night are examples of what I testify too. As we all know football is a game of emotion and a one point win in regulation is more motivating than having to play over time. This is especially true of the overweight Longhorns. Pictured below TCU great and Texas High School Hall of Fame Coach Gil Bartosh

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