Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day Which Will Live in College Football Infimany

Saturday Oct. 26,2013 Norman Oklahoma, Texas Tech comes up short on the final scoreboard but loses nothing. Because the game was off the charts in excitement. For in the near future most will only remember the the game as the hardest hitting game in the twenty first century. The TV announcers were beside themselves yelling, "Man they are playing some football today in Oklahoma". If the Bell Dozer had not have played so good and Stoops not have caught Tech's secondary naping on the long fourth quarter long TD pass the Red Raiders may have beaten the Sooners at home. Beating Oklahoma at home is a lot harder than beating them in Texas. Speaking of which did the cigar smoking Longhorns have something to do with there conservative friends at Fox not telling us what channel to switch to before the interruption of the World Series. I wonder this because this happened at the exact time the Horns and Frogs were starting. If the sips did orchestrate this maddenest then the good Lord who loves the Texas Tech Red Raiders as much as any school made them pay for there misgivings. For the rains came and the Longhorn fan were stuck with Mike Tyson as filler and if that wasn't enough a commercial for women's cage fighting repeated over and over while the rain poured and poured. After the Tech game I let go of any biais of today's player not as tough as in the past. For that game on that day was as hard as hitting as ever. It matched the hits Texas's Joe Dixon and Baylor's Ronnie Bull.

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