Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Johnny is Innocent

For the record on this day August 6, 2013 I, Trooper Keeton, proclaim Johnny Manziel innocent of profiteering and violating any NCAA rules. My first reaction was the affair is a spin off repeat of the A&M Coach Jackie Sherrill incident. You might recall Jackie was having with way with Texas University when a conspirator claimed he had received a box of money through Jackie or his staff. Now here they come again claiming Johnny procured a box of money by selling autographs. No proof only perception. Just like the previous box of money, the program is threatened. My first inclination was Johnny would not forsake a multi-million dollar contract in the pros for a few thousand dollars. Then I heard that his parents had something to do with 1600 autographs. His momma might stick her neck out to defend her boy for sticking up for one of his black players who was receiving racial slurs. Let me say as a student of the great Mike Mischan formally of Houston St. Thomas, who explain to me that the toughest player on the team should be the QB. That means if some slick insults one of your teammates you the QB i.e. Johnny Football puts a quick stop to the slurs. Now his parents are not about to sell autographs, however if autographs were signed for church groups or children then a chink in the armor opens for destructive perception. Gig'em Ags. Sincerely Trooper Keeton class of 69 Texas Tech.

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