Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarah Is the New Jane

Yes that's it. Sarah Palin is the right wing's answer to the left's Jane Fonda. Both very political and sexual. All over the age of 30 have ingrained in their memories the image of Jane getting off in the pleasure machine while shootin the motion picture Barbarella. And now the have the image of Sarah on the national stage with John MaCain getting off on Sarah's fanny ie. Annie Fanny. The political right left similarities we have, Jane fraternizing with the commies and Sarah putting Leftys in the cross hairs of her moose rifle. Oh by the way moose rifles have scopes like those of surveyors. When moose hunting you need to put more distance between the gun woman and the moose. So that is why we add the degree lines in the scope. That's what I did on my moose gun.

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