Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fire Kent Hance rehire Mike Leach

Raiders and I mean real Raiders not want to be Tea Sips like Hance, this is untimely nonsense. First the article mentions major infractions in the same breath with this Tex ting business when there were no major infractions. Please do not fall for this. It has come to public attention as both the trial and commitment days approach.
I would like to know if Hance is responsible for the timing of this absurd charge that allegedly happen two or three years ago. I know this may taint the jury pool for the trail and will please Hance’s friends in Austin. The Austin crowd is really worried about the two time state champion Lake Travis starting QB Brewer committing to Tech. Well Brewer is too smart to fall for this; are you?
Fire Kent Hance rehire Mike Leach. Give Mike the offense and Tommy the defense. Quick before UT does! This is an order by Trooper Keeton class of 69.

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