Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tech upsets Texas again in 2010

In the first half after a holding call on Texas I turned to Tino and told him that is a no no and that ref would be read the riot act at half time. Sure enough no more holding on UT in the second. But plenty of money calls on Tech like pass interference and taunting. Remember in the 08 victory the phony offensive interference call on Crab at the 6 yard line that killed the td before the last time we got the ball.
This years game I think they the hand picked officials have turned it into a fine science of masterful deception. I even started to wonder if the officials on the field are being directed from above. Like a vibrating cell on out last drive meaning kill the drive. So the signal is on and a almost taunting appears and without thinking grab the flag and throw it.
I could go on but we were beat when they got Mike fired. Ut has a very good history department and it is written in the annuals of ancient Roman, “It is better to have a General with no army than an army with no General”.

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