Monday, September 27, 2010

George Blanda Mr. Football: Now in Heaven

George was not only the greatest clutch player but the toughest football player to ever live. When is was playing QB at St. Thomas High in Houston one day Coach Mike Mashon asked who has to be the toughest player on the field? He then turned and pointed to me and said you do, your the quarterback. Well George lived up to Mashon's teachings.
This was first called to my attention by Tallimeane at the bowling alley when we kid would hang out with the Oilers. I once got the nerve up to ask Bob who the toughest player was on the team. I expected him to say Dewvall or Cannon. But no he said Blanda was the guy he would least like to fight and fight they did back in the AFL.
This statement was verified in a home game against the Raiders before George was traded to them. Blanda had just thrown a pass and the whistle had blown when some big D end hit late. George was knocked on his back. The defender gloated for a moment and turned back to the line. It wasn't over, bad move for George came quietly up to his back side and kicked him in the rear end with a patented Blanda kick. At that point it was on, another Raider came into the picture to do bodily harm when Cannon cut him off with a body contact hit that send the man sailing. Then all eyes were back on George and the big bully. The bully attacked charging a relaxed Blanda. George commonly took a couple steps back ie. Mohammad Ali style letting the angry defender over extend himself leaving his head on the chopping block for George to chop the back of the neck, only after pulling off his helmet from the back, to finish the fight faster than the blink of an eye.
George I am going to keep going to church so I can see you in heaven. I will not be hitting you late. Love, Trooper

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