Monday, December 8, 2008

Talk Radio / Troopers Troopers

Join up to be a Trooper of talk radio. I,Trooper Keeton, haven been somewhat controversial over the years and as in the Vietnam area anti-war. I have been censored on some AM talk radio. Now KVET am and fm are still Trooper friendly. For those of us who support the first amendment we will counter with calls, codes, and conduct. With talk radio becoming so uniform the daily topics are often predictable. So we will go here in the mornings to penetrate the shows with valuable and honest information. This can only be accomplished with numbers because the hoists are good at identifying a regular callers voices. But if we enlist enough Troopers to call we will keep them off balance. To be a good Trooper it helps to stay informed and you must refrain from any foul language. You can apply to be an officer or a grunt. Officers can post information to be called in and they can call the message personally. Grunts for the most part make the calls. The grunts are the Indians, the officers and I are the chiefs. Like most outfits we need Indians more than chiefs. The grunts have to be part time or very sneaky if they are active. It helps to be able to change up your voice, use anonymous calling , use different numbers and most of all be clever enough to get past the call screeners. We do not want to be dishonest so try to touch on the subject delivered to the screener either before or after the main message. Check for daily postings. If an officer want to post a subject do so won't wait for me. Like Alex says go to the sounds of the action. In fact you don't have to post we are like Commanches we have no leaders we are all leaders. Therefore we have yells and the yells are the code words. Until further notice the code word is per chance. Slip the the code "per chance" in sometime during the message. If you don't get it in don't worry you will next time. That code is for us. The gotta code is Trooper. If you are calling from a different number than your own you can mention Trooper as in real Trooper or you once knew of a Trooper who thought or said, something with Trooper. This will be the fun part because the hosts will come to know you can't stop the truth and they just got trooped.. Until myself or someone posts a better subject lets give it a try. we will start out Please note you don't have to check in daily just try to slip in the codes words. "Remember First Amendment". Go get them Troopers.

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