Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opt Out Day

Yes I am going to opt out today just like Vietnam. Now before you start throwing stones for the record I flunked my physical. After four and a half years of college deferments I was forced to report to Fannin St. in Houston for my physical. No one would hire me because of my draft status. Let me continue to be honest unlike Bush, Chenny, Rummie, Rowe and all those other chicken hawks I will admit I did not want to go. I thought it was based on a false premise just like the over blown security in the air ports.
The current hubbub is based on three big thingies; the shoe and underwear bombers, and the three Larry Silverstine buildings that all fell down like Dumpty on 911. Correct me if I am wrong but I have been told that the explosive in the shoe had to be detonated like the buildings but on a smaller scale, a match would not do it. The underwear stooge was chaperoned into the country and onto the plane much like the dupes who flew the planes into the buildings. I have also been told that the explosive laced undies could not have brought a plane down. On the only three steel enforced buildings in all the world in all of time that are believed by some to have fallen at or near the speed of gravity without the aid of explosives, I must refer you to
So again as others make great sums of money over all these again, "I Opt Out".

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